Traditional Mallorca: discover ‘Ball de Bot’, Mallorca’s traditional dance

Mallorca is an island known for its beautiful beaches and Mediterranean landscape. This island also happens to have an excellent climate all over the year. But Mallorca also offers an interesting culture due to its rich gastronomy, language, traditions and folkloric dances. And today we would like to tell you all about the regional Majorcan dance, known as ‘Ball de Bot’. This traditional dance is a combination of music and dance movements that was brought to Mallorca during the 12th and 13th century by the upper class and it was quickly adopted by the rest of the population.

‘Ball de Bot’ is divided into 4 main types of dance:

• ‘Fandango’: Dance based on a binary meter (2/4).
• ‘La Jota’: This type of ‘Ball de Bot’ has a quicker rhythm and it’s very popular in Menorca as well.
• ‘Bolero’: This is the most popular kind of ‘Ball de Bot’ and is also the typical dance used at the traditional celebrations in Menorca and Mallorca.
• ‘El Copeo’: this type of ‘Ball de Bot’ is danced with very quick steps and is more popular in the eastern area of the island.

Foto: Mallorca100

Foto: Mallorca100

The costume used by the ‘Ball de Bot’ dancers is part of the most traditional pictures of the island due to its fabric and patterns. Men dancing ‘Ball de Bot’ are dressed with trousers up to the knee known as ‘calçons’, a white long-sleeve shirt and a belt. Women dress with an even more complex outfit based on a long skirt and an accessory that covers their heads known as ‘rebosillo’.

Foto: Mallorca Magazin

Foto: Mallorca Magazin

Music plays a fundamental role when it comes down to dancing ‘Ball de Bot’. Several instruments combine in a very unique way to create the melodies for ‘Ball de Bot’. Among the instruments used for this type of music you’ll find two typical instruments from the island: the ‘xiremia’ and the ‘ximbomba’. But they also use more common instruments, like the guitar, the clarinet and the kettledrum.

Son Brull’s team would like to recommend you to go to a popular ‘ballada’, which are the typical dancing demonstrations that take place during the popular town festivities or fairs.

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