3 plans to enjoy winter in Majorca

  1. Visiting a market to buy local products.


Weekend markets (although in some locations there are also markets on weekdays) are very common in the villages of Majorca. As the Majorcan winter enjoys more days of sun and smooth temperatures than days of intense cold and rains, the occasions are few on which it becomes necessary to suspend these lovely local street markets.


Fruit and vegetables cultivated on the island, artisan products, flowers, clothes, footwear… On these markets you can find a large variety of products at interesting prices while enjoying a lovely stroll outdoors and being in contact with the people of the village.


The market of Pollença, for example, is one of most remarkable markets of Majorcan: it takes place every Sunday, between 8:00 am and 1:30 pm, and visitors are spoilt for choice as there are more than 300 stalls where they can buy daily or special products, regionally sourced and of high quality.


  1. Paying a visit to museums.

If you are passionate about culture on winter days, museums are a safe option which, moreover, is not linked to weather conditions. If you happen to be in the “Part Forana” of Majorca, the Museum of Pollença is a really interesting attraction. This museum, which was officially created in 1975, is located in the old Dominican convent, which was built between 1588 and 1616.


Anglada Camarasa, Tito Cittadini, Miró or De Creeft are some of the artists whose works are exposed in this precious museum. In addition, the museum’s collection is completed by other elements of great archaeological interest, such as the collection Atilio Boveri and a Buddhist mandala.


  1. Falling in love with the Lighthouse of Formentor.

The Lighthouse of Formentor is one of the most emblematic and beloved points of the island of Majorca. Its beauty is, in good part, the wonderful integration that this spectacular construction maintains with the natural surroundings in which it is located: a perfect symbiosis.

The Lighthouse of Formentor, in addition, evokes creation, sensitivity, art and literature: Not in vain, the most famous of all poets of Pollença, Miquel Costa i Llobera, described this magnificent element in his popular poem (which all students learn at some time of their scholastic years) El pi de Formentor (“The pine of Formentor”).


Yes, indeed, Majorca offers several options of leisure and entertainment in the winter months. Here are some of which we propose in our Son Brull blog. Who said that Majorca can only be enjoyed in summer?