4 regions to visit in the Serra de Tramuntana

Our rural sanctuary Son Brull is located in the beautiful Serra de Tramuntana. This is an impressive mountain range running from the southwest of the island to the northeast. In June 2011 it was made World Heritage by UNESCO for being an area of great physical and cultural significance.Serra De Tramuntana

While staying at Son Brull you will find yourself right in the Serra de Tramuntana, so what better way to spend your day than discovering it by visiting its most beautiful harbours?Tour De Puertos

Puerto de Pollença
Let’s start our tour northeast from Son Brull in Puerto de Pollença.
The beauty of the bay of Pollença inspired Agatha Christie in the 1930th to write her novel “Problem at Pollensa Bay and Other Stories”.
While making your way through the bay and harbour of Pollença you will find beaches framed by pine and palm trees and a variety of little cafés and restaurants.
Enjoy the views, take a little breakfast and discover the city. And now it is time to continue our journey.Puerto De Pollenca

Puerto de Sa Calobra
Our second stop in the northwest of Majorca is Puerto de Sa Calobra.
Its bay is overgrown with pine trees and gives you an impressive view over the ocean. You can reach the harbour by driving a winding road and overcoming 700 meters of heights difference. This drive is absolutely worth it as you have stunning views on your way to your destination. While visiting Puerto de Sa Calobra we suggest you to also make the walk to the canyon Torrent de Pareis. In the winter months or after a heavy rain you will be able to see the rapid torrent that gives this place its name.Mallorca 2017

Puerto de Sóller
Our second to last stop is Puerto de Sóller. It is located on the northwest coast.
It is famous for its historical tram, its big bay and harbour and its natural environment. You can either drive directly to the harbour or park your car in the city of Sóller and take the charming tram with its San Francisco style to the harbour. We recommend you to not miss the drive with the tram as it is passing gardens full of citrus fruits and gives you a great view of the harbour while entering it.
While in Puerto de Sóller you can take a swim, discover the shops and definitely should take a walk up to the Far de sa Creu to enjoy the amazing view over the open ocean. There are also plenty of delicious restaurants to choose from to enjoy a late lunch.Puerto De Soller

Puerto de Valldemossa
The last stop on our tour through de Serra de Tramuntana is the little and hidden away Puerto de Valldemossa in the west of Majorca.
To reach this gem you will have to follow a little winding street down the mountains. The drive itself is already packed with gorgeous views over the mountains and ocean and a little adventure on its own. When you finally arrive at your destination you will be rewarded with an unforgettable panorama of the ocean and a charming little fishing village.Puerto De Valldemoss

End this day of touring through de Serra de Tramuntana with a quiet and calm evening and night at Son Brull and its Spa and Restaurant.