A tour through Majorcas wineries

With proper land for wine production and a similar climate to French, Italy and Spain it is no surprise that the Island of Majorca has a variety on wineries and vineyards for their own wine production.

Local gastronomy is at the heart of Son Brull, this also includes our wine and passion for wine making. For this reason, we want to introduce you to some of the most famous wineries of Majorca. Furthermore, Majorcas wine is typically not exported so we suggest you to make a tour through said wineries with a tasting while staying at Son Brull.Son Brull

In Majorca you will find about 70 wineries, the so called “bodegas”. Most of them are in the regions of Binissalem and Pla I Llevant. In both regions the wine is protected under the so called “Denominació d’Origen”, DO, or designation of origin.
Bodega Ribas in Consell is the oldest one on Majorca, it dates back to 1711. Their 40 hectares of land are carefully worked on and harvested by hand. To visit the winery a prior appointment is required.
Bodegas Macía Batle produces wine since 1856. With more than 300 awards it is the most awarded winery in Majorca.
Bodegas José L. Ferrer dates back to 1931, is in its fourth generation and is one of the most established wineries on Majorca. In this winery you have a great selection of various tours through the winery itself and its vineyards.Wineries

Wine route
If you are a fan of planed tours, you will find in the Binissalem DO region fourteen wineries which participate in the wine route.
This route will take you on a tour through wineries in Santa Maria del Camí, Consell, Binissalem, Sencelles and Santa Eugenia. You will visit following wineries: José Luis Ferrer, Bodegas Antonio Nadal, Vins Nadal, Bodega Biniagual, Tianna Negre, Macia Batle, Celler Sebastia Pastor, Jaume de Puntiró, Celler Ramanya, Vinya Taujana, Celler Can Ramis, Celler Ca Sa Padrina, Jaume Bennassar and Can Verdura Viticultors.
Enjoy a day of delicious wine tastings and beautiful vineyards.Wine Route

Can Axartell
For the production of our wine we work together with Can Axartell, which is located a mere 2 km from Son Brull in a valley south of Pollença.
Can Axartell is living and working after similar principles like Son Brull. The careful and considerate interaction with nature is the center of their work. You will find the winery embedded in an old stone quarry with the purpose of using its natural coolness in their winemaking process.Son Brull 2

After opening your taste buds up to the fine aromas of Majorcas wine, you will also find a great selection of them in our restaurant.