Almond blossom: a Majorcan beauty

January and February in Mallorca have a very special guest. During these months, the almond trees bloom on the Majorcan countryside.

The almond tree, native from Asia, was introduced in the West by the Romans. During centuries it has been covering the island from North to South and from East to West, being its flowering one of the most beautiful natural spectacles of Mallorca.


Even though we find almond trees all over the island, its greatest concentration can be seen in the center of the island, specifically in Santa María, Lloseta, Marratxí, Selva and its surroundings. The Mediterranean climate and the farming system provide unique characteristics to the Majorcan almond. These are the reasons why our ‘ametlla de Mallorca’ (Majorcan almond) has a unique sweet flavour, in addition to a higher concentration of proteins, fatty acids and carbohydrates than almonds grown in other regions. And its precisely this tree the first of the deciduous trees to bloom in an early Spring due to its quick reaction to the rising temperatures.


The almond blossom is delicate and beautiful. And to see these flowers in abundance covering complete fields in its three tones (white, blue and pink) is a postcard worth contemplating. In addition to stunning beauty, the flowering almond trees in Mallorca anticipate Spring when Winter is far to be over. This phenomenon has been an inspiration to photographers and painters over the decades, who have recreated the image of almond blossom for years. If you go to the monasteries on the mountain tops, such as the Monastery of Randa or Bonany, you can see the beautiful white mantle popularly known as ‘the Majorcan snow’.


The harvest of almonds is done in midsummer. The Majorcan star product is incorporated into all kind of tasty traditional recipes such as ‘gató’ with almond ice cream, almond ‘turrón’ or almond oil.

Discover the beauty of almonds blossom in January and February on Mallorca!