Son Brull activities: lobster fishing

If there is one thing the island of Mallorca can brag of, it’s the Mediterranean Sea it is surrounded by. The Mediterranean Sea has been inspiration for millions of postcards, photos, paintings and unique moments for everyone visiting Mallorca. It is of common knowledge that Mallorca attracts hundreds of visitors thanks to its white sand- and turquoise water beaches and coves which can be discovered all along the Majorcan coastline and that also offer a wide range of activities to enjoy on your own or with family and friends.


At Son Brull we recently recommended some of the most fun water sport activities you can try out here in Mallorca, from kayaking to scuba diving, all of them with a spectacular and unique backdrop.

Today we are very happy to recommend you a very special experience which will take you to learn how to fish on Mallorca, one of the most important activities on the island.


The day starts in Port de Pollensa, where you will hop on a boat called ‘l’Avançada’, a 9.5 long boat. On this boat you will be accompanied by three more sailors in addition to the crew. During the trip you will be able to enjoy some of the most stunning landscapes right from the sea.

Discover Cap de Pinar, Cala Sant Vicent and Formentor and get visited by sweet dolphins while you spot seabirds overflying your boat. Once you arrive at the fishing spot, you will be able to watch and learn how to fish lobster. During this unforgettable trip the captain will prepare a fantastic brunch for you to try authentic Majorcan gastronomy, as the brunch includes some of the most traditional dishes on the island such as “Pa amb Oli” (Majorcan bread with Majorcan cheese and sausage) and “Trampó”, a very typical Majorcan salad which is perfect for Summer time.


Once you’re back at Port de Pollensa, you will be able to buy some of the lobsters the Capitan, crew and yourself fished together and as soon as you get back to Son Brull, our chef Rafel, will be more tan happy to prepare an authentic ‘lobster caldereta’ or prepare the lobster right on the grill.


This magnificent boat trip is available for Son Brull guests from Monday to Saturday from April to August. Nevertheless, as soon as the lobster season stops (end August), we have other boat trips available for you to learn how to fish other Majorcan species, according to the season.

If you are looking forward to traveling the Majorcan sea and learning how to fish lobsters, don’t hesitate to come by reception for our team to give you all the information you need and book your place for the boat trip.