Son Brull products: Majorcan almonds

Centuries of Majorcan tradition and culture play leading roles in the concept we try to enhance at our boutique hotel, located in the Northern area of the island. This strong bet for local culture and Majorcan history is present in every detail, in the philosophy behind the hotel and even more at our restaurant 3/65.

Thanks to our deep commitment to conserving tradition, we have taken a strong interest in preserving and commercializing a product representing Mallorca and its essence. We are talking about Majorcan almonds.


The expansion of almond cultivation in Mallorca occurred mainly in the 18th and 19th centuries, after many winegrowers moved to the almond business after the phylloxera plague that led to an economic crisis in 1891, affecting the grape plantations all over the island. There are currently more than 24,000 hectares of almond trees and Majorcan almonds are one of the products with protected designation of origin (PDO) that has the recognition of the European Union.


And what makes the Majorcan almond so unique and special? In addition to having a high lipid content (more than 55%) it is one of the almonds with the best aromatic intensity.


Its flavor, intense and soft at the same time, is what led the Majorcan almond to be the leading product of many of our chef’s recipes awaiting at our restaurant for hotel guests and visitors. Rafel Perelló, our chef, has created a unique recipe of Majorcan almonds cultivated exclusively for Son Brull. You can find the Son Brull almonds at our shop, offering to those who stay with us and those who visit the authentic Majorcan flavor. Take some of it home!


You are cordially invited to discover the Majorcan ‘ametlla’ and discover another one of Mallorca’s fascinating facets through this unique product.