Son Brull’s honey in London

The Joy of Bees event by Bompas & Parr

In early October the world-famous design studio Bombas & Parr organized a unique event in London. In a townhouse located on 19 Greek Street, the guests were able to experience a hive of bee-related activities. How is this related to Son Brull Boutique Hotel & Spa? Well, there are 56 Relais & Chateaux properties keeping their own hives and we are one of them.

As you already know, honey is used around the world and it still has a unique stamp in each and every country. That’s exactly what Relais & Chateaux is like. We are all the same family, but still are unique in every way. So this October Relais & Chateaux and Bompass & Parr presented a journey inspired by this sweet symbol of bees’ remarkable lives.


It was a beautiful tribute to the important role bees play in our system presented in a delicious and tasty way. The two-day long event gave Londoners the chance to taste eight of the finest honeys, including the one from Son Brull in Mallorca. Tastings were conducted by award-winning honey experts from Bermondsey Street Bees, who directly connected the micro-climates and local geographic traits of Relais & Châteaux with the aromatic and taste profile of each respective honey and all proceeds from ticket sales was donated to The British Beekeeepers Association.


One of the most impressive results of the comparative tasting was that guests were fully able to appreciate their respective terroirs, conduced by unique geographies, climates and flora from each location.

When it comes down to Son Brull’s honey production, it’s important to point out that our honey comes from an apiary located in a forest surrounded by oaks and carob trees, which produce honey with a very particular aroma and whose main characteristic is the dark color of this type of blooms. Extraction, filtering and packaging of the honey, are all carried out by hand with traditional methods, so that once packaged, the honey retains all its properties.


The ‘Joy of bees’ event reflected the hotel group’s dedication to ecology and sustainability, with many of the properties, such as Son Brull and hotelkeepers becoming beekeepers, giving these vital pollinators a habitat in which to live, and allowing its chefs to build in the unique attributes of local honeys into their own style of cuisine.