Son Brull’s own wines

Majorcan wine at Son Brull


An exquisite and superb gastronomical offer has always been a must at Son Brull. As you know, we have our very own plantation of ull de llebre (that’s what tempranillos are called in Cataluña). This type of grape is cultivated with many sunlight hours, which create a wide range of flavours, depending on its origin and climate.


Back in the day, Son Brull Hotel & Spa was a monastery where its monks lived exclusively by their own products and that’s exactly what we have been looking to accomplish: offering our own product, recovering the artisan process and fresh products from our land.


You will find rosé and red wine made with ull de llebre exclusively at Son Brull. And there’s more: as you already know we are also very proud of our ‘Son Brull gin’ which has soft touches of lemon and orange cultivated on our property.

The lemons from our lemon trees are also the main ingredient for another of Son Brull’s products: a drink we call ‘lemon elixir’ which has antioxidant, purifying and detoxifying properties. Does it get any better? Well, it’s also delicious!



All these products are exclusively sold at Son Brull and we’ll be happy to have you come try them at our hotel, while you enjoy a lovely afternoon at any of the Son Brull’s relaxing areas. It’s like spending an afternoon in paradise while having one of our gin tonics, a glass of lemon elixir or tasting our red or rosé wine. You also will be able to take some of them back home or give them to a special someone to add an authentic Mediterranean touch to your own kitchen. If you’re interested in shopping, we welcome you at our Son Brull online store by clicking here.

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