Christmas traditions in Mallorca

There are so many reasons to fall in love with Mallorca. And one of the most beautiful things about the island is its long list of traditions. During hundreds of years Majorcans have been able to preserve a big amount of traditions all year around. And Christmas time is no exception!

Even though there are traditions that are celebrated all over Spain, we also have some unique ones that belong only to Majorca. Today we would like to recommend you three:


One of the most beautiful traditions on the island is the ‘Sibil·la concert’. On the night of the 24th it is typical for Majorcan people to attend the ‘Gallo’ mass. And in Mallorca that night has a very special color, because of the existence of the ‘Sibil·la concert’, a tradition originated in the 10th century and brought to Mallorca by Jaime I. It is a magical moment where the arrival of the ‘Final Judgement’ is announced: a kid dressed in a medieval clothes carrying a sword recites a song in middle of Palma’s cathedral (La Seu) and in each one of the churches all over the island.

Son Brull says: once the mass is over, it is a must to have a nice cup of hot chocolate with ensaïmada.


Another Majorcan tradition during the holidays is l’Estandart. l’Estandart is a celebration that takes place on December the 31st and it commemorates the arrival of the King Jaime I to Palma, conquered in 1229. During the day all kind of acts and activities take place and the city gets filled with color, fun, music and tradition.

Son Brull says: on the 31st there’s also a race taking place called ‘San Silvestre’, for everyone who likes to run!

And if you’re in Mallorca during the holidays you just can’t miss the traditional Three Kings Parade. On January, the 5th Palma welcomes the Three Kings who arrive at Port Vell. Starting from there, a huge entourage of pageboys and fairy-tale characters go through the city, offering a magical parade that has been cheering up kids and grown-ups for over 200 years.

Son Brull says: check out the route and enjoy it at the end, before it gets to the town hall, to avoid the crowd.


In addition to the three Majorcan traditions, we would recommend you to visit one of the Christmas markets take place all over Mallorca. You will also find the most beautiful cribs at Plaça Cort, Palau March and the Caputxines convent.

Experience a magical Christmas in Mallorca!