Cultural Mallorca


Mallorca has a lot to offer. And one of its most unknown aspects is the wide cultural offer this island hides. With numerous museums, foundations and art galleries, Mallorca has become a common destination among artists looking for inspiration and showcasing their work. Some of the most emblematic museums on the island are Es Baluard -the Museum of Contemporary Art and the Joan Miró Foundation.

But there’s culture and art all over the island and in the area near Son Brull Boutique Hotel & Spa you’ll find many interesting museums. We have chosen 3 that you should definitely stop by while staying at our hotel.


The ‘Museu Sa Bassa Blanca’, also known as the Yannick and Ben Jakober Foundation, welcomes thousands of visitors every year. Art and nature coexist harmoniously in this museum designed to awaken your senses. For architecture lovers, the outstanding building, designed by Hassan Fathy, is, without a doubt, one of the museum’s highlights. He had never built anything before in Western Europe when he drew the plans of the Hispano-Moorish building which he called a “ribat” (fortified building), retaining only the outer walls of the pre-existing agricultural farmhouse. White walls, vaults and traditional domes crown the terraces of the building, surrounding a courtyard with gardens and fountains. Just the building on its own and the beautiful rose garden and sculpture park are worth a visit. But there’s more. There’s the ‘SokraTES space’: a space inspired by the spatial-temporal connections. Here, works from very distant places and times cohabit and manage to generate a dialogue. Another of the Yannick and Ben Jakober Foundation’s highlights is the portrait collection called ‘Nins’. It’s a collection formed by more than 150 portraits of children from the 16th to the 19th centuries from different European countries. Last, but not least, the Sa Bassa Blanca museum has a ‘camera obscura’, an installation by the photographer Nilu Izadi, consisting of a completely darkened room in which the light enters through a lens placed in the façade. The exterior landscape –the bay of Alcúdia and the islet of Aucanada– are inversely and neatly projected on a white, curved screen on the opposite wall.


Museu Sa Bassa Blanca is open from Monday to Saturday and Tuesdays entrance is free to see ‘Nins’, the sculpture park and the rose garden. For further information and prices, please visit:


Continuing with our cultural recommendations of our area, we’ll get to the Dionís Bennàssar Foundation in Pollença. The museum, named honoring the Majorcan painter Dionís Bennàssar, who died in 1967, was also the painter’s home and work space. This typical Majorcan house has been completely renovated to become a beautiful museum where you’ll find his work, besides personal objects, furniture and other accessories he used to create his art work. The house was built n the 17th century and holds a wide range of art pieces, such as paintings, watercolors, drawings, sculptures and more. On the other hand, this place also hosts some of the cultural activities in the area. Periodically conferences, workshops, seminars, symposiums and concerts take place in the beautiful Majorcan home. The Foundation also hosts other artists’ exhibitions, becoming one of the hot spots for culture on the island.


The museum is open from Tuesday to Sunday from 10h to 14h and the entrance is 3€. For further information about Dionís Bennàssar, the foundation and more, visit:


Our third and last recommended museum in the North of Mallorca is the ‘Martí Vicenç museum’. The multifaceted life of the Majorcan artist Martí Vicenç is, of course, the starting point of the museum which was first inaugurated by his widow who was been looking for a way to pay tribute to the talented painter. There’s some unpublished art work, along with an ethnological sample of different tools and materials used by the family in their profession which is to create looms (now the famous Teixtis Vicens). The entrance is free and the museum is actually a perfect stop before going to Pollensa’s Calvari, as it is located on the same street. Need more information? Please go visit:

As you can see, Mallorca is full of surprises and here at Son Brull we will be more than happy to uncover the best kept secrets of the most beautiful island in the Mediterranean.