Cycling in Mallorca


1,250 are the number of kilometers you can enjoy on the roads and trails of the island of Mallorca surrounded by mountains and the Mediterranean Sea. Many cyclists have been choosing our island for years to practice their favorite sport.

Both, professionals and amateurs, agree that Mallorca is the ideal place, especially from October to May, to cycle. Stephen Roche, winner of several awards (including the Tour de France), came to the island advised by the Spanish cyclist Miguel Indurain.

After visiting, Roche said that the island offered a perfect combination which he hadn’t seen in many places before: its weather and landscape were just perfect for professional cyclists or people who enjoy this beautiful sport. And when it comes down to choosing a season to practice this sport on the island, it would be Winter. In Winter many professional teams come to the island and start training for different cycling competitions, which is why you will be spotting many cyclists riding around the Tramuntana mountain range and alternative trails.

In addition to the professional background, there is also a very high bicycle – culture on the island. It has become the way of transport that many visitors and residents use to discover or get to remote spots, rural landscapes and hidden coves and beaches. Some of the most emblematic bicycling routes are located in the Tramuntana mountain range. One of those trails is Ruta Verde del Olivo, that takes you through Caimari, Binibona, the Moscari church, the Convent de San Bartomeu or the church of Sant Llorenç in Selva.

Mallorca is a real paradise where many paths, winding roads, creeks, crystal clear waters and beautiful peaks, as the Teix or Puig Major converge: a jewel for bike fans!

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