Discover the most special beaches in Mallorca’s North!

As everyone who has already been to Mallorca once already knows, this is an island that never stops amazing people. Thanks to a privileged geography, the Majorcan nature is capable to charm even every single one of us, who live here day after day. And Mallorca’s North is, in fact, one of the areas with the highest number of hidden corners and special beaches. Today at Son Brull Boutique Hotel & Spa we would love to invite you to discover some of the hidden beaches in Mallorca’s northern area.

It is not precisely a secret that you will find some of the most impressive beaches and coves in Mallorca’s North. With waters that go from dark blue, idyllic turquoise and crystal clear green, the northern coast from Mallorca is a true paradise for nature lovers.

Only 12.8 km away from Pollensa you’ll find Cala Castell, a beautiful cove situated between the steep and abrupt cliffs of Punta Galera and the flat rocky areas of Punta Topina. Cala Castell is one of the coves in the area that continues to be unspoiled and does not have many visitors inspite of its stunnig beauty, which is why an excursion to Cala Castell is very much worth it. The name is given by Castell del Rei, a rocky castle of Saracene origin (13th century), which used to defend the coastal area from the higher part of Serra de Ternelles (476 metres), from where there are some breathtaking panoramic views over the north of Majorca.



Continuing with our route discovering the most beautiful coves in Mallorca’s North we arrive at Cala Murta. This s-shaped spectacular sea inlet is surrounded by holm oaks on the right side and on the left side there is a possessió (rural finca) called Cala Murta and the Oratorio Mare de Déu de Formentor, surrounded by a pine wood. This rocky cove is perfect to spend an afternoon full of peace and tranquility. The turquoise colors of the water also hides excellent marine and underwater conditions.



Last, but not least and to wrap up our list of recommended coves in Mallorca’s North we head to Cala Bóquer, a cove you can easily access by foot making a lovely excursion from Port de Pollensa. It is a lovely trekking route suit for the whole family, because Cala Bóquer is only 2.7 km away from Port de Pollensa and once you get there you will be able to enjoy a true spectacle formed by the surrounding stone cliffs.


Foto: via gallica

For any kind of additional information about beaches, coves or how to get to the places we have mentioned in this article, please don’t hesitate to ask our front desk team, who will be more than pleased to guide you and give you all the information you need.