Exclusive SURO bikini at Son Brull

At Son Brull Boutique Hotel & Spa we are constantly looking for new ways to offer exclusive benefits to our guests and visitors in addition to supporting local initiatives and producers. Both of our aims combined were the starting point of our collaboration with SURO Swimwear.


SURO is a sustainable swimwear company born here, in Mallorca. One of the things the team at Son Brull loved about it is the commitment that SURO has with nature and the environment. This strong commitment was the reason for them to start elaborating sustainable swimwear that minimizes the impact on the environment, working consciously with recycled Italian fabrics of great quality and having a 100% Spanish production process.


This approach to a responsable fashion with a strong and clear commitment with the environment made us at Son Brull get interested in SURO swimwear and their products designed and produced under the motto ‘creating beauty to maintaining beauty’. You probably already know that Son Brull has a huge commitment to sustainability, being able to get this commitment directly to our store hand in hand with SURO and their exclusive bikini they have designed and produced just for Son Brull’s clients and friends.


The spirit of Son Brull and the impeccable minimalistic taste of SURO Swimwear come together in this comfortable, timeless and unique design conceived for a sophisticated woman with a personal, authentic and elegant style.

For all our guests, friends and for all of you who would like to come by to spend a day or an afternoon at Son Brull: you’re cordially invited to stop by our gift shop and take this exclusive SURO bikini for Son Brull with you.

Find more about SURO, their designs and philosophy by visiting their website: https://www.suroswimwear.com.
Enjoy the Summer at Son Brull and fall in love with Mallorca!