Excursions by boat in the north

The best way to spend your hot summer days is definitely near the ocean. The feeling of the ocean breeze in your face combined with the salty ocean air is the best way to stay cool those warm days.
After showing you in our last posts the best coves of Mallorca to take a swim we want to give you today inspirations for boat excursions in the north of the island.
And our location in Pollensa makes Son Brull the perfect starting point.Son Brull

1. Port of Pollensa
Lets start off close to home. An excursion by boat in the Port of Pollensa.
This trip will lead you through the bay of Pollensa with several stops on the way to appreciate the marine beauties of the north of Mallorca as well as for you to be able to go swimming and snorkeling in blue, crystal clear waters.
One highlight of many on this trip is the spectacular view of the Cap de Formentor and “La Fortaleza” – where the show “The Night Manager” has been filmed.

Sonbrull Blog Excursions by boat in the north

2. Beach of Formentor and Sa Calobra
One of the best ways to enjoy boat excursions to a maximum is use them to reach a beautiful beach such as the beach of Formentor and Sa Calobra.
To reach the beach of Formentor you will have to enter a boat in the Port of Pollensa. Here you can enjoy first the spectacular views of Pollensa bay until you finally reach the beach – which invites you to relax in the sun and take a swim in the ocean.
In the Port of Sóller you can enter a boat that will take you directly to the beach of Sa Calobra. On this 45 minute boat excursion you can enjoy wonderful views of the Serra de Tramuntana until we reach this hidden beach to relax and swim.Formentor Sa Calobra

3. Dolphin Watching
You are a fan not just of the ocean but also of its marine life? And you always wanted to see dolphins in their natural environment?
Then a dolphin watching boat excursion is exactly the right thing for you.
This trip starts early in the morning and takes approximately 3 hours going from the Port of Alcudia to Formentor and back. You will have to keep your eyes open and camera ready to not miss the wild dolphins you will encounter on this trip. Seeing them swimming and jumping in the open ocean is an experience you do not want to miss.Dolphin Watching

4. Coast trip
To experience all the beauty the north of Mallorca has to offer the best boat excursion is the one that leads from the Port de Alcudia to the Llevant Natural Park. On this trip you have view of the open ocean, stunning beaches, historic ruins and little villages along the coast. You also have the opportunity to swim and snorkel in underwater caves and the open ocean.

Sonbrull Blog Excursions by boat in the north

We know that spending a day on the open water makes you hungry and looking for rest on your return. You will find nothing missing when you come back to Son Brull and just have to enjoy a fabulous dinner and a relaxing session in our spa.