In Mallorca, the beaches are not only for the summer!

In Mallorca, the sunny weather, generally mild temperatures and very little rain give residents and visitors alike the opportunity to enjoy the wonderful scenery of the island also during the winter months. While in other regions of Europe, the end of the summer is the beginning of the cold season when everyone is getting comfortable at home with a blanket and leaving the house as little as possible, the trend Mallorca is very different.


So, one of the myths that needs to be cleared up when talking about the largest of the Balearic Islands is the one referring to the use of the Majorcan beaches and coves: although it is in summer when these fill up with swimmers and sunbathers, it is just as pleasant to walk them on a November morning, run in the sand on an afternoon in December, or organize a picnic on the beach with family and friends on a winter weekend.


For lovers of the wide sandy beaches, the beach of Alcúdia offers a spectacular panorama, allowing visitors to walk the several kilometers that connect it with Can Picafort in the soft sand. If you prefer solid ground, take advantage of the sidewalk along the coast (by foot or bike) to make the experience easier and more pleasant.  During the entire route you can contemplate the calm and seemingly infinite sea that connects us with the Mediterranean essence.

The Bay of Pollença is an interesting alternative for those looking for a quiet and sheltered seaside village for long walks. From here you can admire the beautiful view of the Formentor lighthouse. There are various restaurants and cafés in the area where you have breakfast, tea, lunch, dinner or a snack. You can also find lawn areas perfect for a picnic by the sea.


The British writer Agatha Christie was seduced by the charm of Pollença during a visit in the early 1930s. If the famous novelist found peace and inspiration here, it is likely that other visitors will feel this peace and inner balance as well when touring the most beautiful and maritime areas of this place.

And for those who prefer the characteristic rocky coves of Mallorca, a great recommendation is the Cala Clara: a small bay that enjoys great popularity in summer and is blessed with beautiful scenery. The cove is part of the Cala Sant Vicenç urbanization, located in Pollença. If you decide to spend a unique and special day here, you will also find a good place to eat with your family, partner or friends.  In addition, there is always the opportunity to just bring your own food along and enjoy it sitting on one of the rocks with wonderful sea views.