Kitchen Garden Hotel Son Brull

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At Son Brull Hotel, we know how important it is to carefully watch what we eat and where our food comes from. Therefore, we grow parts of the ingredients for the dishes we serve in our restaurant in our very own kitchen garden.

In our gardens we plant seasonal vegetables, for example now in summer: tomatoes, pumpkin, courgette, lettuce and eggplant.

Furthermore, all the other products needed to supply our kitchen, are of organic origin and bought in small amounts from local producers.

At Son Brull Hotel we are proud to be members of the “Slow Food” movement.

The Slow Food philosophy got its name as a contrast to fast food industry and is promoting a less stressful lifestyle, starting at the table.

Slow Food is an international association, founded in 1986 by Carlo Petrini that currently has more than 100,000 members and is present in 160 countries.

The main objective that Petrini had when founding the association was to point out the importance of pleasure in relation with food and learning how to appreciate the different flavours that bring us a great variety of recipes. Recognizing the different regions of production and respecting the rhythm of the seasons in regard with harvesting, play an important role as well.

The Slow Food movement seeks to promote:

–          Taste education as the best argument against poor quality food and food fraud.

–          Actions to save local food culture, traditional production and endangered plant and animal species.

–          A new model for less extensive and cleaner farming, based on the knowledge and expertise of local communities that will also serve the development of even the poorest regions in the world.

–          Protection of foods, raw materials and traditional cultivating and processing techniques

–          Defending the biodiversity of the cultivated and wild species.

At the Son Brull Hotel we believe in the importance of a model for sustainable and environmentally friendly farming.