Mallorca’s typical products

Mallorca is an island full of colours, of breath-taking landscapes and tradition. And one of the outstanding features of the island is its gastronomy and typical products.

The local products are a big part of several Mallorcan dishes and pop culture. As you already know, at Son Brull Boutique Hotel & Spa we have our own organic vegetable garden and we are also currently working on creating a network for seeds for the vegetable gardens of the future to prevent the loss of native fruits and vegetables. We deeply respect the island’s tradition and roots which is why today we wanted to tell you more about Mallorca’s typical products. 


One of Mallorca’s outstanding products are its olives. The olives grown in Mallorca are table olives of the autochthonous Mallorcan partially fermented in brine variety that has three types: the green olive, the split green olive and the natural black olive. The production, elaboration -which consist in selection, washing process, partition process, salting process and dressing- and even the packing are made 100% on the island, where the olives are protected by designation of origin.


Another product that comes from the production process of olives is the elaboration of Mallorcan olive oil. The three varieties of Mallorcan olives are used for the elaboration of the local olive oil. These special olives contribute unique organoleptic features and result in oils of great quality. The three varieties of olives used for the production of olive oil are the ‘Mallorcan olive’, which adds softness and sweetness; the ‘arbequina’ which gives the oil a fruity flavour and the ‘picual’ which brings some spiciness to the table. The result is a true explosion of textures and flavors.


Perfect to go with the Mallorcan olive oil you’ll find ‘flor de sal’. The ‘Flor de Sal’ is the most pure and valuable sea salt. It takes some very specific meteorological conditions to crystallize this kind of salt: lots of sun, a soft breeze and very low air humidity. This creates a thin layer of crystals in the shape of flowers which get collected with rakes following an old tradition. In the southeast of the Balearic Island of Mallorca, specifically on the natural beach of Es Trenc, there are ideal conditions to the formation of these ‘Flor de Sal’ crystals. The water is crystal clear, there are high temperatures during the Summer and the wind blows softly from the sea.


Another of Mallorca’s artisanal and typical products is honey. At Son Brull Boutique Hotel & Spa we even have our own honey. Son Brull’s honey comes from an apiary located in a forest surrounded by oaks and carob trees, which produce honey with a very particular aroma and whose main characteristic is the dark color of this type of blooms. Extraction, filtering and packaging of the honey, are all carried out by hand with traditional methods, so that once packaged, the honey retains all its properties.

To wrap up our list of the traditional Mallorcan products we have to talk about our wine production. In Mallorca you’ll find wines from different origins with designation of origin in the area of Binissalem and Pla i Llevant. The wines with its own ‘designation of origin’ from Binissalem are mainly red wines, rosé, white wines and sparkling wine. They are elaborated mainly with grapes of the native varieties Manto Negro and Moll. Its red wines have a high alcoholic graduation with strong body, well-balanced and suitable for breeding. White wines are delicated and fruity. On the other hand, the wines with ‘denomination of origin’ of Pla i Llevant are red wines, rosé, white, sparkling wines and liquor wines. These wines are made with the following red grape varieties: Callet, Fogoneu, Tempranillo, Manto Negro, Monastrell, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Syrah y Pinot Noir; and with these white grape varieties: Chardonnay, Moll, Macabeo, Parellada, Moscatel and Riesling.


In addition to the D.O. Mallorca, there are also wines known as ‘vins de la tierra’ (wines of the land) which are present all over the Balearic Islands, while in Mallorca we find these kind of wines specifically made from the white grape varieties known as ‘prensal’, which would be: chardonnay, macabeo, malvasía, moscatel from Alejandría, moscatel de grano menudo, parellada, riesling, sauvignon blanc, viognier and giró ros; and from red grape varieites such as callet, manto negro, cabernet sauvignon, fogoneu, merlot, monastrell, syrah, tempranillo, pinot noir and gorgollassa.

If the landscapes and villages, coves and good weather and traditions of Mallorca weren’t enough to convince you to come over and discover this beautiful island, now you have some more reasons!