New menu at Restaurant 365 in Son Brull

February has started at Son Brull Boutique Hotel & Spa with the presentation of our new menu at 3/65 restaurant. If you have visited Son Brull, you already know that having dinner at Restaurant 3 /65 is quite an experience for the senses. Whether in the cozy dining room with theatrical lighting or candlelight on the terrace overlooking the valley. Starting points are authenticity, respect, culture, tradition and heritage. With all this in mind, our headchef Rafel Perelló has created new tasting menus and spectacular à la carté dishes for you to enjoy.

Rafael Perelló’s work in the kitchen aims to rescue the nobility and purity of the products that this island has to offer. He based the new 3/65 restaurant menu in the local products, highlighting the characteristics (most of them already lost) of the seafood, fish and meat that the animals of the island provide us.


“The nobility of the Mallorcan products has been lost over time. And this island is a real treasure when it comes to gastronomy. We want to rescue it and innovate by building on the solid foundation that the Mallorcan products actually are”, says Perello.

With this idea in mind, Rafael has created two new tasting menus. The first one is the seasonal tasting menu. “In this menu we try to capture the typical Mallorcan products with modern techniques,” explains Rafael. “The classic ‘butifarrón’ doesn’t go to the plate directly. With a creative cooking process, we add value to the product through cooking techniques and creativity.” When it comes to our seasonal tasting menu, you can expect to find products such as black pork, San Pedro rooster, red shrimp, squid or other products that can be directly related to our island.


The other new tasting menu available at Son Brull Restaurant 3/65 is the ‘vegetable garden menu’. “It is important to keep in mind that this menu wasn’t only born from the need to include vegetarian or vegan options in our menu. This menu is built on the premise that many vegetable products on the island do not need fish or meat because they stand by themselves”, says Rafael.

“At Son Brull Boutique Hotel & Spa we work very hard on the ecological aspect and, thanks to our vegetable garden, we had the possibility to explore this new concept, which in our opinion should become a trend in all restaurants”.


For example, the black Mallorcan artichokes are a spectacular product that Perelló transforms, in combination with goat cheese, in one of the star dishes of the new menu. As most of the dishes depend on the availability of seasonal products and change over the months, there is a dessert that will evolve along with its star product: the almond. “The almond, orange and honey dessert, besides being 100% Majorcan (the honey is from Pollença & the oranges from our Son Brull orange trees) has a particularity: it will be transformed. Now the dessert is very floral and white, as we use almond blossoms to make it. But as the almond grows, the dessert will be transformed into something drier with more toasted flavors. “It is a challenge to balance and continue maintaining the essence of the dessert throughout the evolution of the almond, but it is also an honour”, says Rafa.  In addition to the tasting menus, all these dishes will be on the menu, which also offers some of the “3/65favorites”, like the cannelloni or the gyozas, very demanded by our clients

With tons of vegetarian options and a big amount of local ingredients, Perelló’s new proposals which are available for guests and visitors will make you fall in love with Mediterranean cuisine. To check out the new menu please click here.