Organic vegetable garden at Son Brull

Sustainability and taking care of the environment is one of the most important issues at Son Brull. In the framework of the distinction as a ‘gold’ establishment in sustainability by the sustainable tourism organization ‘Travelife’, we decided to tell you a little more about what we do in our boutique hotel in order to preserve nature.

One of the starting points of our insertion in the world of sustainability was our organic vegetable garden. Our chef, Rafael Perello, is constantly searching for new forms of inspiration and a combination of the most authentically Mediterranean flavors. With this and in order to do our part in taking care of the environment and supporting local production in mind our organic garden in Son Brull was born.


For us at Son Brull the organic garden is a real and concrete way to demonstrate our commitment to the environment on a daily basis. It is a commitment that requires a great deal of self-sacrifice. Fresh, organic vegetables need additional care and a good dose of humility. Temperance safeguards their organoleptic qualities. Thanks to the constant engagement of our kitchen team, led by Perelló, our garden, has turned out to be a first level organic vegetable garden. With each one of the harvested ingredients, Rafael Perelló gets inspired and creates new dishes that our guests and visitors enjoy in our restaurant 365. But there is more: the garden has become the leading factor in our cuisine. Rafael devises the menu while gathering the vegetables each day, depending on what he finds during his stroll in the garden.


The backbone of the kitchen, this vegetable garden, is expanding. There are now chickpeas, haricot and kidney beans. But the kitchen is not yet self-sufficient, so the neighbouring farms are invited to fill in the gaps.


To take care of the environment and raise awareness about the importance of sustainability in tourism, we invite you to keep an eye on our blog this month, as we will be telling you all about our policy regarding the respect of children’s rights and the network for seeds for the vegetable gardens of the future that we are helping to create aroud here.