‘My day’ at Son Brull Boutique Hotel & Spa: my perfect morning

At Son Brull Boutique Hotel & Spa we are constantly looking for new ways to offer our guest an exceptional service. Nevertheless we also want those not staying at Son Brull, but living close by to be able to enjoy our hotel and the beautiful surroundings.

That’s why we have started an initiative that seeks to offer all residents of Mallorca in addition to our visitors a special moment which is focused 100% in personal wellbeing.


During the next months we will be presenting each one of our special packages for residents and visitors that can be both, a perfect gift for a special someone and/or the ideal ocassion to pamper yourself and dedícate some time to you. ‘My day’ at Son Brull is presented in five different special packages and today we would like you to get to know ‘My perfect morning at Son Brull’.

The best way of disconnecting from the daily routine is just getting away for a few hours and let your body and mind come at ease. Giving us a time for ourselves and relaxing should be a must from time to time. That’s how the idea of ‘my perfect’ morning was born. We want you to have a special get-away for a few hours.


Your perfect morning at Son Brull starts with our super buffet breakfast. After you can (only if you want to and feel like it) participate at at group yoga session before heading to the spa. You will be able to use our spa during the whole morning. But your perfect morning doesn’t end here, because you will also be entitled to have an aroma-relax treatment during the morning. This kind of treatment is base don weelbeing and relaxation combining various facial and body massage techniques with the warm textures of Mediterranean essential oils. It has a duration of 60 minutes after which you will feel as relaxed as possible.

‘My perfect morning at Son Brull’ includes:

  • Access to the spa at Son Brull during the morning
  • Gentle yoga group session (optional)
  • Son Brull breakfast buffet
  • Aromarelax treatment


If you would like to get more information, book your special package or give it as a gift to someone special don’t hesitate to contact us by emailing info@sonbrull.com or booking an online voucher at https://booking-son_brull.webs.uptobook.com/es/utb-spa-booking-simple

Price of the special package ‘My perfect morning’: 145€. Advanced reservation required. Telephone: +34 971 53 53 53.