Rafel Perelló: the chef behind ‘365’ – Son Brull’s restaurant

Rafel Perelló & Team

‘Nature as my cooking inspiration’

365 are the days the Son Brull restaurant offers its superb gastronomy to visitors and guests and today Rafel Perelló, our headchef, tells all about his philosophy and shares a Summer recipe to enjoy these days.

Perelló wanted to be an architect, even though cooking was one of his early interests being a child. He was used to it at home: his grandfather was a chef, his uncle also used to cook and his mom was really good at it; so he decided to be an architect, but not to design homes, but dishes and create new flavours in order to follow his true passion. His career in gastronomy started with only 16 years, when he got his first job in a kitchen. After learning and seeing what cooking was all about, he decided to study gastronomy to improve his knowledge and technique.

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When he started cooking professionaly, he inmediatly found his source of inspiration: nature. A beautiful flower, a unique Green color… it all came together in Perellós mind and made him create all kind of new flavours on extremly beautiful dishes. According to Rafael, there’s three ways to create a new dish: “We can choose a classic dish and re-design it, for example. We can also ‘pro-design’ – which means creating a new invention by combining flavours we hadn’t mixed before- and we can also work with different flavours that have always worked, like for example strawberries with cream: you can add one new ingredient and get a total new and different dish”, he says.


On the other hand, our chef wants us to know something we realized at Son Brull a long time ago: we’re very lucky. “The truth is that we are very lucky to have all these wonderful local ingredients here on the island”, he says. “If I have to choose three ingredients I would go with lamb from the land, red mullet from the sea and arthicoke as a vegetable. Mallorca’s flavours are truly unique”.

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Perelló also tells us that being a chef is much more than just a job; it’s a lifestlye, it’s a passion and it becomes your life. A kitchen team can spend houndred of hours improving and refining one dish, surprising new guests and offering a perfect service. “Once you’re part of this world it’s impossible to get out, you just want to keep creating and cooking. It’s something you just got in your DNA”.

As the Summer star dish he recommends a cherry gazpacho with sardine tartar and cheese from Mahon.

Want to try it at home?
Our chef is more than happy to share this recipe with you:

Cherry gazpacho

– 1kg cherry
– 200 gr tomato
– 50 gr tender onion
– 50 gr cucumber
– 1 garlic clove
– 150 ml Son Brull olive oil
– 5 ml vinegar
– Salt
– Pepper

Pit the cherries and crush all the solid ingredients, add the vinegar and olive oil. Strain it with a fine sieve and reserve it in the fridge.

Sardines tartar:

– 500 fresh sardines
– 100 gr Shitake
– 30 gr rocket salad
– ½ garlic clove
– 1 tsp of chopped parsley
– 1 tsp Soja sauce
– 2 Sesam oil drops
– 2 tsp Son Brull olive oil
– Salt
– Pepper

Free the sardines of its spines, peel them and then freeze its steak. Chop and fry the Shitakes on a frying pan and let them cool off. Then chop all the other ingredients along with the sardine steak and mix it all. Reserve it in the fridge until serving.

Cured Mahon cheese:
– 10 gr cured Mahon cheese

Grate the Mahon cheese with a microplain (a very thin grater).

TO SERVE: fill a round mould with a small amount of tartar, then push it softly to take the shape of the mould and then carefully remove the mould and place a bit of the freshly grated Mahon cheese on top of it. Get the cold cherry gazpacho from the fridge and pour it around the tartar.