‘Roba de llengües’ – tradition meets trends


There are a lot of Majorcan traditions worth knowing. And if it comes down to a traditional Majorcan design, you’ll always hear about ‘roba de llengües’. The literal translation would be ‘cloth of tongues’ and its origin is supposed to go back to the Far East.

These fabrics are made with a technique called ‘ikat’. The production of the fabric is a manual process, using the ikat pattern-producing technique of dyeing the cotton thread, with parts masked to remain uncoloured, before it is woven.


Even if the ‘ikat’ technique came to various European countries until mid-1900’s, Mallorca is the only place where this tradition has not only lasted, but has also become part of the local culture. Regardless of its origin, the production and look of the cloth has adapted to the Mediterranean culture and lifestyle and now shows the brightness of our beautiful sea, enhances the natural materials of the island and shares the simplicity and sustainability and centuries of ancient history.

There are only three companies still producing ‘roba de llengües’ and it’s Teixitis Vicens who has managed to not only stay true to the tradition, but make it trendy, fresh and fashionable again. Teixitis Vicens was founded in 1854 in a small Pollença workshop. 35 years ago Teixitis Vicens moved from a small little atelier (today known as the Martí Vicens museum) to their actual workshop located just outside Pollença. The production process remains to be manual and at Teixtis Vicens there are three people to the dedicated specialist task of producing the hardwearing high-quality fabric (70 per cent cotton, 30 per cent linen).


The very modern, contemporary and inspiring shop is full of numerous products like cushions, table clothes, bags and many more that just have ‘Mediterranean way of life’ all written over them.

Teixtis Vicens
Rotonda de Can Berenguer s/n. Pollença, Mallorca (Illes Balears)
Phone n.: (+34) 971 530 450


Pictures: teixtisvicens.com