Son Brull collaborates in the job placement of people with mental illnesses

At Son Brull Boutique Hotel & Spa we are constantly looking for different ways to not only take care of our environment, but also to collaborate with causes that we like. This is the case of Es Garrover Foundation and the joint work we have started recently.

At this moment employees of the ‘Special Center of Employment’ of the Foundation Es Garrover are cleaning up an old olive grove at Son Brull, which is located at the bottom of the mountain Puig de Maria. This work will make possible to recover the path connecting Son Brull with the top of the mountain. This way, Son Brull is combining two of the fundamental things we believe in: social commitment and the preservation of Mallorcan flora. This work is also aimed at our guests for them to enjoy a direct and private access to Puig de Maria, adding this hike to the range of activities and possibilities that we offer for guests staying at our hotel.


The Es Garrover Foundation is a non-profit organization that has been working for the social and work placement of people with mental illness since 2005. At the ‘Special Center of Employement’ at Es Garrover Foundation these people perform productive and paid work in various areas: gardening, cleaning, maintenance, green points, dry stone, etc. The collaborating companies obtain an efficient, quality and social service, they contribute to the access to a paid job and they help to transform the social imaginary making work insertion possible.


At Son Brull Boutique Hotel & Spa we are delighted to be able to collaborate with this organization with such a generous objective, to contribute taking care of our environment and to look for real solutions to social problems that affect all of us.