Spa Rituals – Summer Vitality

A big part of Son Brull is its spa and treatments that are coming with it.
We want to give our clients a wholesome experience once they enter our spa so that they will leave totally refreshed and renewed.

Every season comes with its own characteristics. And with every different season our body and mind have to be treated differently. That’s why we offer three different Rituals to give you the maximum effect of relaxation and wellbeing.

Summer Vitality

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Our luxury spa Rituals combine body, facial and massage treatments with the goal of regeneration, relaxation and recharging. Inspired by the fruits of the beautiful island Majorca each Ritual changes with the seasons so we can incorporate all-natural and local ingredients like aloe vera and the prickly pear.

Spring-Blooming helps you to revitalize, Summer Vitality to hydrate and Autumn-Regeneration to regenerate.

Every treatment lasts for about two hours and is available to guests and non-guests alike. Today we want to introduce you to our Ritual Summer Vitality. Spring Vitality
Summer Vitality

Our spa Ritual Summer Vitality is a vitalizing experience with the goal to bring you freshness and hydration.
In this treatment we use our own produced fruit of the prickly pear, essential oils and aloe vera.

The Ritual includes:

  • Exfoliating and wrapping with prickly pear fruit
  • Moisturizing facial care
  • Vitalizing body massage

Available from June to August
Full treatment lasts 120 MinutesSon Brull
After this incomparable and vitalizing spa experience you can only do one thing.
Enjoy a delicious dinner in our Restaurant 365 and spend the night in one of our beautiful rooms.