Special offer at Son Brull


Here at Son Brull we want you to enjoy comfort, relaxation and well-being no matter what time of the year it is. We also want you to see, get to know and fall in love with Mallorca during the Autumn and Winter months and discover a whole new side to this island withouth massive tourism and at perfect temperatures.

That’s why we have designed a special offer that will be available from October, the 4th 2016 until April, 29th 2017. When booking your holidays at Son Brull you will be able to enjoy our special ‘5×4’, meaning you’ll get one night free when booking five nights. Don’t you just love unexpected gifts?

In addition to our ‘5×4’ special for a five night booking you will get a rental car for free! Both offers can be combined, so you can not only stay one extra night but also enjoy and get to the most hidden corners of our beautiful island by car.

During your stay we cordially invite you to check out the recommendatios we publish on this blog and subscribe to our newsletter to find out the latest news and get valuable information about activities and places to visit. There’s so much you can do during the Autumn-Winter season on the island, including cyclism, trekking, wine tastings, golfing and much more. On this island we have activities for every taste and season, so come and discover them yourself here at Son Brull!