Sustainable tourism at Son Brull: helping create a network for seeds for the vegetable gardens of the future

The past month we proudly received the ‘golden’ distinction from Travelife, highlighting our continious work in becoming a sustainable hotel. In addition to our vegetable garden and our association with the RANA Foundation aiming for children’s rights, we are currently also working on a project we are very passionate about.

At Son Brull Boutique Hotel & Spa we wanted to find a way to not only produce for our kitchen, but also to help other estates in the area and take care of future generations . That is why we started working on a network for seeds. Thanks to our 40-hectare estate we have the keys to protect the environment and preserve the ecosystem’s natural harmony.


Once we were aware of it, we were more than ready to spread the word and take action. There is many things in Hotel Son Brull that are crucial for future generations and preserving the ecosystem. An olive grove that dates back more than three centuries flourishes at the foot of this former monastery, ancient trees also provide shelter for many birds and insects, pesticide and GMO-free, our estate’s farm is entirely organic and certified by the Consell Balear de la Producció Agraria Ecològica. We not only grow local heirloom fruit varieties, but also house a great number of rare fruit trees: orange, lemon, fig, almond, medlar, and more. During the season our guests can actually join us to pick fruits themselves and eat them straight from the tree.


As we wanted to make sure to safeguard this for future generations, we are starting to collect and preserve seeds of native fruits and vegetables that are dying out. They are then distributed through an active network of environmental advocates, and replanted many times over. As a member of the ‘Associació de Varietats Locals’, the Hotel Son Brull does exactly that.

We take this mission very seriously, as our commitment to protecting the environment grows day by day.