The healthiest food from Mallorca

Mallorca is more than an island with paradisiacal beaches and a stunning mountain range. This spectacular island carries centuries of traditions and culture, which due to the constant work and effort of those who live here, has passed them from generation to generation and brought these closer to all who visit us and are interested in the most authentic side of our island.

And one of the things that we protect the most and look after here in Son Brull are the local products, those that only can be found in Mallorca.

The hotel itself and also under the influence of Relais & Chateaux, is part of the ‘Slow Food’ movement. It is a global organization that was founded in 1989 to prevent the disappearance of local food cultures and traditions and to “fight” against the lack of interest on the products that we consume. Apart from being members of this organization, we firmly believe that we must preserve and take care of the things that differentiate Mallorca from the rest of the world.

That is why we have promoted projects such as the creation of a seed network or our own organic garden. In addition, the concept of ‘KM0’ plays a fundamental role in the culinary creations of our chef, Rafel Perelló and the gastronomic experience that we offer to guests and visitors in the Restaurant 3/65.

Typical Majorcan products

Today we would like to tell you a bit more about some of the most typical products of Mallorca, those which are (amongst many others) the base for a healthy and balanced diet and that also support the KM0 concept implanted by the movement ‘Slow Food’ in defense of the local, healthy and quality food.

One of the most characteristic products of the north of Majorca is the lamb of Pollença. The ‘Mè’ cooperative breeds these lambs that feed on breast milk in the first weeks of life and then on natural products. The primary goal in ‘Mè’ is the welfare of the animal and all the farmers who work for this cooperative have been trained with this purpose.

tomate ramallet comida mallorca son brull hotel

Foto: Mallorca Magazin

Another star product that you will find at the farmers markets that are celebrated every week in villages all over Mallorca is the “ramallet tomato”. The ‘ramallet tomato’ is a local variety, which contains a high percentage of pulp. It is a key ingredient in dishes such as pa amb oli or the “sofrito” (the tomato that you fry at the beginning of a recipe) used in ‘arroç brut’. One of its most distinctive details is that it is usually threaded to a cord, because then it gets hanged and lasts longer. 

llampuga comida mallorca son brull hotel

Foto: Caib

The products from the sea that you will find in the local markets are part of the essence of Mallorcan gastronomy as well. We would recommend the caproig, the llampuga, the potera squid and the world famous red shrimp of Sóller. All of them are constantly used in our restaurant, where our chef Rafel Perelló selects them depending on the season.

cap roig comida mallorca son brull hotel

Foto: cocinando con catman

Consuming local products at Son Brull we seek to help supporting the small and medium farmers and fishermen of the island. On the other hand, it is our way to help preserving the local products, while we enjoy some of the best dishes that our land and sea provides.

Go local & bon profit!