Trekking in Mallorca: Sa Volta des General

One of the most popular routes in Mallorca due to its easiness and its wonderful views is the one known as Sa Volta D’es General.

We, at Boutique Hotel Son Brull, recommend this hike as it suitable for all ages and even kids can take part easily. The tour takes about one hour each way. When hiking with kids, we can add about another half hour each way to this (so one hour in total). The length of this route is about 4.22 km each way.

A light descent between the mountains and the sea leads us from the surroundings of Banyalbufar to Port des Canonge, an old fishing port and coastal village.

Start: We begin this pleasant walk along the Mediterranean Sea at a small esplanade by kilometer 85.2 on the MA-10 road from Andratx to Pollensa where we can leave the car. From here, we have an excellent panoramic view over the village of Banyalbufar and its terraces.

trekking in mallorcaWe follow the wide dirt path which, after a few minutes, leads us to a fork by a modern water tank veering to the right. Ignore this right turn and keep on walking straight on.

We will find traces of an old stone paving all along the route surrounded by a mixed forest of pines and oaks.

After about five minutes we will arrive at an open metal barrier with a ladder to the left and just a few meters further down there is a crossway and we turn right.

In a few minutes we see an indistinct trail to the right of our path that we should leave behind and continue to the left.

We keep descending along the path which leads us to a turn where panoramic views open up over the Punta de Sóller, Na Foradada and the watchtower of Son Galceran. From here we can also see the village of Port des Canonge. Our path leads us to a paved road that leads right through the estate of Son Bunyola. The houses of the estate will be in front of us. We follow the path to the left and after three turns we return on a dirt path.

To our left there is a ledge called Punta Roja as a clear reference to its red color. Just as they do in other parts of the Mallorcan north coast, pine trees touch the sea here. Storms, erosions and the loss of soil uproot them and even kill them and throw them into the sea. The force of the wind and the sea spray also form the vegetation and make myrtles and strawberry trees grow in cushion shape.

We continue walking along the sea and leave an opening on the left with a wooden bar on the right behind. We pass the remains of stone-made toilets and a few minutes later we arrive at a torrent that leads into the beach of Son Bunyola.


The path veers to the right and up some steps that have been carved into the rock. It then turns left and takes us to cross a second torrent which can be filled with water some parts of the year so we have to be careful not to slip.

In a couple more minutes we arrive at a flat area without vegetation and after crossing it, we reach Port des Canonge.

trekking in mallorcaWe can access a lookout over the port inlet by using the steps. From here, we can see several docks on the right and in another corner on the left, ramps made out of wooden beams to pull the boats out of the water. When we reach the paved road, we have the town center in front of us, with the oldest houses first and the rest of the urbanization further down. After some rest, we return from this point following the same way back to our starting point.

This is a wonderful trekking route that we, at Boutique Hotel Son Brull, recommend if you would like to get to know a little bit more of our amazing Serra de Tramuntana (Mallorca).

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