Water sports in Mallorca

Mallorca stands out and is known as a paradise for both residents and visitors, and one of the main reasons are its endless beaches of crystal clear water and fine sand. During the summer it is common to see how locals and tourists enjoy the beauty of these beaches, its beach restaurants to eat good fresh fish and the incredible sunsets. Besides all these relaxing moments, the beaches of Mallorca also offer fun and adventurous moments because of the possibility to practice water sports.

Here is a selection of the best water sports that you can enjoy during your stay in Mallorca:

Jet skis: It is one of the most recommended sports if are looking for an adrenaline shot or of you simply want to enjoy the coast from the water. They can be rented at specialized centers located on the coast. They usually are for 2/3 people and the most basic ones can be driven without any type of license.

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Wind surfing: Thanks to the weather conditions offered by Mallorca, windsurfing has become one of the star sports on the island. There are a lot of surf, windsurf and kitesurf schools where you can learn basics to enjoy a few days practicing this exciting sport.

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Surf & Kite surf: Mallorca is not specially known for being a place for surf, because the size of the waves is not very big. Nevertheless, several surfing schools still offer the possibility to practice a brother sport to surf, which is Kite Surf. This type of water sport also benefits from the good weather conditions, which are as good for kite surfing as they are for wind surfing.

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Diving: You can discover the underwater of Mallorca on your own or with any of the diving schools located around the island. Do not miss the opportunity to explore the marine flora and fauna with its wide variety of fish, corals and some other surprises.

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Boat: Whether it is a sailing boat or motor one, we highly recommend I if you are seeking to spend a wonderful day in the Mediterranean. Without a doubt, this is one of the best experiences that summer offers in this paradise, where you can discover secret coves and different beaches on the same day, and if you are very lucky … you can even navigate beside dolphins!

Kayak: Another recommended water sport is to rent a kayak to head to the sea and discover Mallorca. Thanks to the good weather conditions on the island, you’ll find a turquoise colored water, you will be able to observe wild nature, discover hidden coves, beautiful cliffs and see lovely fishes. Every coastal area has a different trips and excursions available for you to hop on a kayak and sail on!

Please remember that Son Brull is very close to Port Pollensa and Port de Alcudia where you will find many specialized renting shops that also offer exciting trips and excursions. At Son Brull we will be more than happy to organize all kind of daily excursions or water sport rentals for you.