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Capturing the essence of Son Brull (4 days / 3 nights)

An exclusive olfactory experience of Bravanariz

In Bravanariz they are dedicated to capturing the essence of the landscapes that thrill us, distilling their Mediterranean nature in a jar. Their olfactory catches are 100% natural and are formulated only with native plants, most of them collected by hand in the wild and always with the greatest respect for their environment. Its olfactory proposal is one of the most disruptive and original of the current niche perfumery or international author.

On the occasion of the exclusive creation of a fragrance that distills the essence of the wonderful natural environment of Son Brull, those responsible for Bravanariz will be performing Olfactory Captures in our facilities and surroundings.

Taking advantage of the occasion Son Brull invites you to participate in this exclusive creative process and capture the essence of the place. Ernesto Collado (perfumer and creator of the brand) will guide you on a pleasant walk through the gardens and crops of our farm. You will collect and learn about our plants and their properties, discover the particularities of our natural environment and distill “in situ” the essence of the experience. All in a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere, by the hand of a professional in love with his work who enjoys sharing his knowledge with others.


An opportunity to immerse yourself in an intense and original way in the essence of our landscape, typically Mediterranean, and learn some of the best kept secrets of natural perfumery.