Featuring oils and balsams from the prickly pear seed essence and aromatic Mediterranean plant extracts, our massage treatments are designed to give guests a fully holistic experience.

Guests will feel completely rejuvenated after our ‘Toe to Head’ treatment that includes foot reflexology followed by a cranial massage, or couples might prefer our ‘Son Brull for two’ – personalised side-by-side massages in our shared treatment room.

Our ‘Hot Stone Massage’ is another classic: the warm texture of the prickly pear balm and the relaxing herbal aromas have a calming and restorative effect on both body and mind. Read more…

  • Son Brull Hotel Massage Reflexology Foot Massage

    Foot Reflexology

    Stimulating the reflex zones in the sole of the foot balances the energy flow, improving the functioning of the...

  • Son Brull Hotel Back Massage

    Holistic Back Massage

    Detection and treatment of imbalances throughout the body to improve back problems, relieving stresses and accumulated tension.

  • Son Brull Hotel Special Massage For Pregnant Women

    Mum-to-be Massage

    Gentle massage to relieve tension and improve circulation, a special moment of well-being with your future baby.

  • Son Brull Hotel Massage For Couples
  • Son Brull Hotel Son Brull Hotel Body Massages

    Toe to Head

    We start with a foot reflexology massage that allows us to then individualize the body massage that follows. We...

  • Son Brull Hotel Energetic Massage

    Vital Energy

    Energetic and renovating massage based on stretching and pressure points. For this reason, this massage is given on a futon.

  • Son Brull Hotel Massage Rural Sanctuary
  • Son Brull Hotel Massage Relaxation Massage Aromas


    A massage that combines different body and facial massage techniques with the warm renewing texture of the exclusive pure...

  • Son Brull Hotel Hot Stone Massage

    Hot Stones

    The warm texture of the prickly pear balm and the relaxing herbal aromas convert this hot stone massage into...

  • Son Brull Hotel Sports Massage

    Sports Massage

    Physical and muscular recovery are the goal of this deep massage, releasing tension and restoring energy.