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Unique Son Brull luxury spa rituals combine a trio of body, facial and massage treatments and aim to regenerate, relax and recharge. Inspired by the indigenous fruits of our beautiful island and the changing seasons of the year, each of our three rituals incorporates all-natural local ingredients, such as aloe vera and the tender leaf of the prickly pear plant. The available ritual is always based on the season; revitalising for Spring, hydrating in Summer or regenerating in Autumn. Each ritual lasts for two hours. Available to guests and non guests. Read more…

  • Flowers Son Brull Hotel

    Spring - Blooming

    Recover your energy and vitality with the tender leaf of the prickly pear and the essence of its flower.


  • Hotel Son Brull Spa

    Summer Vitality

    Vitalizing experience with the fruit of the prickly pear, essential oils and aloe vera to bring freshness and hydration.


  • Oranges

    Autumn - Regeneration

    Healing ritual with oil and seeds of the prickly pear to calm, balance and relax.

    Foot reflexology

    Body massage with hot...